5 Must-Have Items for Diabetes Management

If you are diabetic, you know that management is key. Without it, your condition may get much worse. Check out these 5 must-have items for diabetes management.

1. Back-up Supply of Glucose

Veteran diabetics know to always have a source of glucose on hand. You never know when you will have low blood sugar. However, you don’t need to keep fatty treats and candies in your pocket.

Try a stash of glucose bottles and gels in your bag or purse. Keep some in your car, too. These packs from your local pharmacy are specifically designed for low blood sugar.

2. Meds Organizer

Hard to keep all your medications straight? Take out the guesswork. Buy a pill organizer box. They are inexpensive and have the days of the week printed on them.

3. Feet Happiness with the Right Socks

Diabetic feet are highly susceptible to problems. So, keep your feet happy. Buy chafe-free socks at your local pharmacy.

They may not be stylish. But, they are specifically designed to help with feet that have nerve damage and other conditions.

4. Meals On-The-Go

Sometimes the day just gets away from you. So, don’t get caught without a healthy snack. Keeping a healthy carbohydrate like a handful of goldfish crackers may tide you over until dinner time.

5. Blood Pressure Monitor

Finally, this may be a luxury for most people. But, having a blood pressure monitor at home can be very beneficial. Especially if high blood pressure is already an issue.

Tracking blood pressure at home can help keep levels under control. Particularly between doctor visits.

Final Thoughts

This is not a comprehensive list. But, these must-have items for diabetes management make a good start. More so if you are a newly diagnosed diabetic.