A Miracle Drink to Cure Diabetes?

You can find this drink in any health food store.

Have you ever heard of kombucha?

If you’re living in the western world, then you have likely seen it on virtually every trendy menu you’ve ever read in the past year. This special drink is fermented, meaning that it is full of healthy probiotics. Probiotics have been gaining popularity in the last decade as professionals are realizing how powerfully they can heal gut issues.

It turns out that this special drink has pretty beneficial effects on diabetes, too.

Kombucha Has Curative Effects on Diabetes

A study published in 2012 revealed that kombucha had hypoglycemic effects on diabetic rats. It also slowed the absorption of LDL-cholesterol, proving to be a powerful elixir for liver and kidney function.

In the study, diabetic rats were given kombucha black tea every day for 30 days. By the end of the study, researchers concluded that kombucha was indeed a helpful drink for diabetic rats.

There are so many benefits to drinking kombucha that even a soft study such as this shouldn’t discourage you from downing a bottle a day.

What are some of the other benefits to drinking kombucha?

#1 Improved Digestion

The probiotics naturally found in kombucha provide the perfect amount of healthy bacteria to the gut so that digestion can work more smoothly. The antioxidants also help combat various free radicals that can often time lead to digestive issues such as gas and diarrhea.

#2 Immune Health

This fermented drink is loaded with antioxidants, which combat free radicals. By gulping down these antioxidants, you are providing yourself with an inner defense mechanism that is hard to replicate on your own.

#3 Weight Loss

Kombucha increases the metabolism so that our bodies burn fat more efficiently. By drinking a bottle a day, you can give yourself a little boost that may have lasting weight loss effects.

#4 Increased Energy

Kombucha is rumored to give a boost in energy, though it contains very small amounts of caffeine. This is because of the iron that is released during the fermentation process, which allows blood to flow more efficiently to all areas, including the brain. It is also a good source of B-vitamins, which are energizing to the body.

#5 Improved Joints

Diabetes can often cause joint pain due to inflammation and poor circulation. Kombucha may help with that. The glucosamines in kombucha increase synovial hyaluronic acid production, which preserves collagen and reduces pain in joints.