Top 3 Diabetes Control Innovations in 2017

diabetes control innovations in 2017

The artificial pancreas was one of the biggest innovations in the field of diabetes management. The FDA approved it in 2016. Production has slowed in 2017, but it is sure to become widely available soon.

But how has science progressed since then? What are the main diabetes control innovations in 2017?

1. Improved Algorithms for Insulin Pump Therapy

The process of blood sugar level spikes and drops is very complex. It is also very personal. After all, your blood sugar fluctuations depend on your daily routine and other individual circumstances.

A good insulin pump should match the changing needs of the body. By creating better algorithms, researchers should be able to achieve this.

There are some trials that are looking into this topic. Hence, 2018 should bring much more effective insulin pumps.

2. Advances in Information Sharing

In the age of information, the limelight is on where and how data gets stored.

Some people with diabetes use more than one device to track their blood sugar levels. The idea is that these devices should work together and share data. This is one of the top diabetes control innovations in 2017.

Cloud storage is one approach to this issue. However, there are still a lot of unexplored possibilities left for 2018.

3. Blood Glucose Monitoring Devices Are Becoming Easier to Use

Glucose monitoring that uses blood tests is becoming obsolete. Instead, some sensors can painlessly measure blood sugar levels. Additionally, these devices are becoming smaller and they no longer require calibration.

Ease of use is an important concern. After all, diabetes management should be easily available to everyone. This includes the elderly, the very young, as well as people with damaged fine motor skills.