Top 5 Veggies for Diabetics

Things you should be eating.


So, we’ve seen what diabetes should avoid when it comes to food, but what’s good for a diabetic diet? Here is a list of foods that are great for diabetics.


It’s a favourite food of many. Personally, I love it. Sometinggreat about this delicuois veggie is that’s it’s starch-free, has only 5 grams of carbs, 20 calories and 2 gramsof fiber per serving. A plus is the high levels of the antioxidant glutation. This antioxidant plays a role in easing the effects of aging, and diseases such as diabetes.


You may start seeing a trend here. Starch-free veggies are the best. Broccoly is no exception. This dark green vegetable is rich in viatminA, wchich promotes healthy vision, teeth, skin, and bones. It’s rich in folate and fiber, all with minimal calories and carbs. Plus, they make you feel like a tree-devouring giant!


Cooked carrots may have the texture of starchy vegetalbes such as potatoes, but their low level of carbohydrates calssifies them as non-starchy. Just like broccoly, they’re rich in vitamin A.


Perhaps not the favourite of many, but one of my personal favorites. This leafy green is non-starchy and provides a nutritious punch. Leafy veggies are associated with the decrease of type 2 diabetes. People who consume the most leafy greens have a lower risk of developing diabetes as oposed to those who don’t.

Red Onions

Even if they make you cry, these are great for keeping blood sugar levels low. Their very low starch content is a big advanteage when trying to keep diabetes at bay.