This Arthritis Drug Could Also Help Against Type 2 Diabetes

treat type 2 diabetes

There is a significant demand for drugs that could help treat type 2 diabetes. While insulin can help manage this condition, there is no sure way to treat it yet. It also tends to get worse with time, and there are no drugs that could prevent that.

New medication could be the key to this issue. However, it’s also possible to treat type 2 diabetes with existing drugs. Some types of medication can have unexpected positive effects on this disease.

The Arthritis Drug That Could Help

New research found that leflunomide could help treat type 2 diabetes.

This drug is widely used among people with arthritis. It helps decrease swelling, which allows people to move more freely. Additionally, it is a good choice for treating the severe pain that comes with this condition.

But why is leflunomide useful against other conditions?

How Does This Drug Impact Diabetes?

Researchers studied mice with diabetes. So what did they discover?

This drug has an impact on various cells in the body. It improves the way insulin receptors work. Hence, insulin resistance decreases.

This leads to stable blood sugar levels. All the mice that were treated with this drug became healthier. Type 2 diabetes impacted them less severely.

Does This Mean That the Drug Is Good for Treating Diabetes in Humans?

Unfortunately, there is still a lot of research necessary on this drug. Scientists don’t know yet whether it will have the same effects on people.

However, it is worth being optimistic about this result. We already know that leflunomide is safe to use. It could be simple to create a diabetes drug based on it.